Professional Projects

Framework to Test Cloud Elasticity (Research Assistant, UIC)
  • Designed and implemented a framework to generate workloads for any web-based applications to find those cases when over-provisioning (i.e., allocating more resources than required) and SLA violations (i.e., delay in response time is higher than the maximum allowed response time defined in the SLA) occur simultaneously for a given auto-scaling rule using multi-objective evolutionary algorithms. Microsoft Azure was used as experimental platform.
  • Our Poster related to this project
  • Language & Technology: Java, MySQL, Microsoft Azure
Improve Cloud Elasticity (Research Assistant, UIC)
  • Automatically learn behavioral models of software applications during performance testing in order to synthesize provisioning strategies that guide the cloud to allocate resources based on application's demand. CloudStack was used as experimental platform.
  • Our Poster related to this project
  • Language & Technology: Java, Python, MySQL, CloudStack
Cloud-based Admission System (Lecturer, SUST)
  • Developed a cloud-based website with distributed database system for the online registration and admission result publication of National University in Bangladesh, the fifth largest university in the world by enrollment. This service was created for over 400,000 students and 322 colleges.
  • Language & Technology: Java, PHP, MySQL, RackSpace
Mobile SMS Based Registration System for University Admission Test (Lecturer, SUST)
  • A mobile SMS based undergraduate admission test system where the registration process and the result processing system was completely automated, which was a novel invention in Bangladesh at that time. This project is currently being used by Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST) and eight other public universities in Bangladesh for the last couple of years.
  • This project received National e-Content Award 2010, 1st mBillionth South Asian Award 2010, and many other awards
  • Language: Java, PHP, MySQL
AfriGIS Blackberry Navigator (Software Enginner, AfriGIS)
  • Implemented navigation (both real-time and simulation), map browsing and various Location Based Services (LBS).
  • Customized various UI components. Developed modules for networking, thread pool, XML parsing etc.
  • Our team won Best Team of the Month award for 3 times for its outstanding performance and uncompromising attitude to overall quality.
  • Language: Java, Blackberry Native API
Grid Hub (Software Enginner, AfriGIS)
  • A desktop based location-aware social networking mobile application like Gtalk, which was launched by Vodacom, South Africa.
  • Implemented UI components and the modules for network communication.
  • Language: C++, Qt

Graduate Course Projects

Undergraduate Course Projects

Shahjalal University of Sciecne & technology
  • Hospital Management Software (Java, SQL)
  • Bank Management Software (Java, SQL)
  • Real estate management Software for New Alfalah Syndicate Ltd (HTML, PHP, MySQL)
  • User Management Site for CCNA, SUST (HTML, Php, MySQL)
  • Routine Management System for CSE department, SUST (HTML, Php, MySQL)
  • Address Book (Java)
  • Mobile Games: Picture Puzzle, Tic Tac Toe, Three Guti (J2ME)
  • Signal Processing System, Fourier Series Implementation (Matlab)
  • Some of the project source codes

Blackberry Application Development